Bushido School of Mixed Martial Arts

Special Events

While training together builds a special bond between students, these extra-curricular activities tend to form friendships that last a lifetime.

Birthday Parties

Any karate student can have a special birthday party at the school where he/she gets to be the star. The guests will all play games, learn a little karate, and break open a piñata during this 90 minute party.

Kids Movie Night

This program should be called ‘Parents Night Out’. For 3.5 hours your child will work on crafts, play games, have snacks, and watch a movie while you can have a night out. Be warned that most kids do not want to leave at the end of the night – Yes. They have that much fun.

Family Celebrations

The Mother’s Day and Father’s Day classes are always a big hit at the school. The kids really enjoy being on the mat and laughing with their parents.
For other special holidays, the whole family is invited to the party. Food and games provide all the entertainment necessary while families share stories and get to know each other better.