Bushido School of Mixed Martial Arts


Sensei Marsh

Sensei Baez

Deshi Hardman

Master Instructor and Owner

Sensei Karen Marsh

Sensei Karen Marsh is a 3rd degree black belt and 2nd degree sensei who started her training in 2003. She teaches all levels of karate classes at the Bushido School of Mixed Martial Arts. Having a healthy balance between all aspects of life is a must for Sensei Marsh. She, her husband, her 2 teenage children (both 2nd degree black belts), and her dog live in Connecticut. Along with spending time with her family, Sensei Marsh has a career with an American multinational technology and consulting corporation. Many students have recognized her passion for karate. She loves the science behind the techniques and also watching her students’ confidence grow as they learn new requirements toward their next belt.

Sensei David Baez

Sensei David Baez has been training for over 25 years! He began his training as a child and knows how it feels to grow up in the martial arts world. Sensei Baez actively trains and has earned his 5th degree black belt. Because he wanted to continue spreading the knowledge that helped him become the man he is today, in July of 2012, he purchased his own martial arts school.

Sensei Baez has always set high standards for himself, and he expects no less from his students. Along with modifying and improving an existing karate curriculum, he has created an expanding MMA Program, and built an after-school program that the kids look forward to attending even if they do have to finish their homework before playing games or training. He has created a summer camp program that fills up quickly and designed a Little Bushido Program for preschoolers who, some day, may become black belts.

Parents are thrilled with Sensei’s ability to provide tangible goals for their children. Sensei Baez encourages students of all ages to achieve their goals with discipline and confidence.

Deshi Hardman

Deshi Hardman is a 3rd degree black belt; she has been training since 2002. Deshi found her passion in teaching as soon as she received her 1st degree black belt in 2004. She teaches all levels of karate students and is co-instructor in the Ladies Self Defense and Conditioning Program. Deshi is most passionate about working individually with students having difficulty reaching their goals. “There is nothing better than the smile on their faces when they receive their next belt and knowing I helped get them there.” Deshi balances a career as a Comptroller for a Westchester construction company, a huge Italian family and her Bushido SMMA family. Karate is not something she does; it’s part of who she is.