Bushido School of Mixed Martial Arts

One Month of Karate: $99

Uniform Included

See the weekly schedule on the Calendar tab. Karate classes are available 7 days a week.


The kids program is recommended for 4-11 year olds.
Our students learn to set goals and achieve them. The instructors work with every student on learning techniques, maintaining focus, having a positive attitude, and displaying respect for others while maintaining a fun and safe environment. Throughout our program, your child's confidence will grow.


Whether it is pressure from school, stress from work, peer pressure, or being out of shape, our teen karate program has you covered. Teens return to the school day after day because they have an environment where they feel like they belong while still being challenged. Each class helps to develop a sense of accomplishment, tone muscles, relieve stress, achieve goals, and overcome doubts. This sense of belonging and pride produces teens who become confident and are able to overcome peer-pressure. While progressing through the program, energy levels will increase while stress levels will be reduced. Teens feel challenged, gain focus, and develop into respectable, young adults.


The Bushido School of Mixed Martial Arts provides the work-out adults need and want. The high energy classes leave adults feeling satisfied and looking forward to the next training session. Most adults find 1 class enough to have them addicted to the program. The classes are challenging and fun and help reduce the stress from everyday life. Training in a safe, controlled environment enables adults to achieve their goals, increase their energy level, and reduce stress levels.